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7 Signs You Need A Roof Inspection After A Storm

roof inspection after storm baton rouge
Find out how to spot signs of damage on your roof after a storm and schedule an inspection today.

Hurricane and tropical storm seasons are upon us, and if there’s one thing we know here in South Louisiana, it’s storms. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be a major storm for your roof to take a direct hit?

It’s not just high winds that cause severe damage. Hail storms are just as damaging, if not worse!

When should you get your roof inspected after a storm?

After a storm, roof damage is not uncommon. If you’re worried about roofing problems after the weather subsides, take some time to inspect your roof for these seven signs that indicate it’s time for professional roof inspection:

storm damage missing shingles baton rouge
storm damage missing shingles baton rouge

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingles are the most common home roofing materials and typically last between ten to fifteen years. If a storm or another natural occurrence has damaged them, it’s time for a professional inspection.

Strong winds often lift, remove, and blow shingles all over the place. Missing or damaged shingles are the most common and obvious signs of roof damage.

Typically, old roofs with a lot of wear are susceptible to this issue. If you notice cracks or missing shingles on your roof, it may be time to call in a professional to make sure it’s in good condition.

Missing roof shingles can cause problems with water penetration, and it’s essential to get them fixed as soon as possible – especially if you live here in Louisiana, where we are vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricane-force winds. In some cases, the underlying roof structure may be compromised and need to be addressed as well.

It’s a good idea to inspect your roof for missing or broken shingles anytime you’ve experienced significant wind damage or hail damage in the area. A professional roof inspection is your best bet to ensure that your roof is structurally sound and in good shape.

damage to gutter from storm in baton rouge
damage to gutter from storm in baton rouge

Problems with Gutters

Gutters are roofing systems that protect from roof leaks. They also help divert water away from your home and prevent property damage in areas with heavy rainfall. 

Hail is a destructive force, which can loosen gutters and downspouts. Strong winds that blow through at the right angle may also cause this problem to occur over time if not fixed properly or replaced after it falls off of your roof.

Heavy rain from thunderstorms will carry debris into your gutter system, clogging them up with dirt and other materials until they overflow onto the ground below and cause invisible damage on the inside of your home.

To prevent potential damage and costly repairs, you should make sure that your roof is in good condition by having it regularly inspected for these signs of trouble!

If your roof has experienced a storm or other weather event, or if you’ve been noticing any problems with gutters, it’s time for an inspection.

Has a storm damaged your gutters?

moisture in attic baton rouge after storm
moisture in attic baton rouge after storm

Moisture in your Attic

Even if you cannot see any apparent damage, it’s always a good idea to check the attic for moisture levels.

The higher humidity can lead to an increased risk of water penetration into your ceiling through unseen cracks and holes in your roof.

Check for signs such as airflow from outside or dampness on walls near vents that may indicate a leak inside!

roof rafters sagging after storm baton rouge
roof rafters sagging after storm baton rouge

Warped Rafters in your Attic

We’ve all experienced it living in the south. What usually follows a hurricane or storm event? A hot and muggy day, right? If you have small leaks in your roof, fluctuating temperatures like these wreak havoc on your rafters.

Even the straightest rafter will turn into a bow and arrow after getting wet and hot.

If you notice wet or warped rafters when inspecting your home’s attic, you may need your roofing materials replaced or its structure repaired.

storm roof leak baton rouge water stain
storm roof leak baton rouge water stain

Stained Ceilings or Walls

By the time you notice staining on your ceilings or walls, your roof leak is likely severe. Not only are water signs unsightly, but they could be indicative of roof damage that will lead to structural issues.

Ceilings and walls usually stain when rainwater seeps through roof cracks or roof penetrations, such as chimneys, vent pipes, skylights, dormers, or roof vents; then pool up on the ceiling before dripping down onto the wall.

After any storm, take some extra time to closely examine your ceilings and top corners of walls in rooms on your home’s upper stories for tiny spots that may be easy to overlook. It is best to address them before they develop into something more problematic.

When water sits for an extended period, lichens and other roof molds will grow and are challenging to eliminate.

To find the source of water damage, use a sponge or rag to dab water on different parts of your roof while you’re outside. Wet spots indicate where storm damage is likely located.

If staining persists after checking all roof penetrations through windows from inside the attic, there could be an issue with ceiling joists that support rafters in your home’s attic space; these issues should be addressed by professionals before more costly repairs take place.

Have you noticed water stains on your ceiling? If so, call us to have your roof inspected just to be on the safe side.

peeling paint roofline baton rouge roof inspection
peeling paint roofline baton rouge roof inspection

Peeling Paint Near Roofline

If you notice blistering or peeling paint near the roofline, it is typically a sign of gradual humidity buildup that results from poor ventilation.

Storms can worsen this problem as well by adding to the damage your roof has already suffered. Blistering and peeling paint are both simple symptoms that serve as critical barometers for what’s going on with your house’s insulation levels.

When your roof is not ventilated correctly, it can cause paint to blister and peel. This often indicates that there has been a buildup of humidity in the attic, which leads up into the ceiling space between rafters where things are stacked too tightly together for adequate ventilation (above). When this happens, moisture sits on top of these items without evaporating or being drawn away by an air conditioner unit below.

If you notice paint peeling near your rooflines, it is likely a sign that your roof needs repairs.

free roof inspection baton rouge louisiana hurricane ida damage
free roof inspection baton rouge louisiana hurricane ida damage

Bonus: Damaged/Missing Drip Edge

Storms can wreak havoc on your roof’s drip edge, a crucial metal strip that guides water away from the fascia. High winds might bend or dislodge the drip edge, while hail can leave it dented or punctured. These damages disrupt its function, potentially leading to water seeping into the roof deck and attic, causing rot and mold.

A thorough inspection for any signs of such damage is vital post-storm, with prompt repair or replacement being key to maintaining your roof’s integrity. To understand more about the drip edge and its importance, read our detailed article ‘What is Drip Edge on My Home’s Roof?‘.

Do you need a professional roof inspection after a storm?

We offer free roof inspections to help homeowners determine if their roofs have sustained damage. This service is available for Baton Rouge, Louisiana residents and surrounding areas.

Our team will come out and inspect your roof for any visible signs of damage that may need repair or replacement. If we find a problem, our professional roofers can give you a free estimate to replace or fix your roof, and you can decide how you want to proceed.

Your insurance company will likely cover the cost of repairing your roof in the event of storm damage. Some insurance companies will pay for a complete roof replacement. We can even help you with your insurance claim.

Don’t rely on a ground-level examination of your roof’s condition. Let our professionally certified expert team or roofing contractors give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact our office today at (225) 369-1119 to schedule your free roofing inspection. 

Get a Free Roof Inspection Today

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