Today, no matter where you live in the United States, there's a good chance that you've seen your fair share of extreme weather. From hurricanes and tornadoes to hailstorms during summer squalls when driving wind and rain pelt roofs and other exterior surfaces- storms can wreak havoc on homes here in Louisiana.

Types of Roof Storm Damage


When strong winds damage roofing structures in Louisiana, the roof may have a flap or wrinkle in it. The roof can also be blowing air so that it lifts up and down rapidly.


Hail is another common roof storm damage problem. When you have hail, the roof material can be dented and hammered down by pea-sized or smaller bits of ice that are driven into roofing materials at speeds faster than a car on the freeway!


Standing Water

If you have roof hail damage, water can pool on the roof after a storm. If this standing water freezes in cold temperatures, it can cause more roofing problems later on. For instance, it can create ice dams where roof ice builds up under shingles and roof tiles.


If you don't remove roof debris after a storm, it can become a roofing problem. After high winds or hail damage, debris from trees and damaged roof materials may have fallen or blown onto the roof surface. These roof pieces may block vents and gutters and keep them from draining water away from the roof as they should.

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