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Drone Roof Inspection: What Is It and Why you Should Have One

Drone Roof Inspection What is it and Why You Should Have One
Find out what a drone roof inspection is, the benefits of having one done for your own home or business, and who should have them performed on their property.

Roof damage can sneak up on you. From the ground, it may appear that you don’t have any shingles missing or leaks when viewed from above, but a drone inspection tells a different story.

This post will cover what a drone inspection is, why they’re beneficial, how they work, the benefits of a drone roof inspection, and who should have one done (and why).

Keep reading to learn more about drone roof inspections and why you should consider one for your own roof!

What is a drone roof inspection?

A drone roof inspection is an aerial inspection of your roof by drone. Instead of climbing up tall ladders or using cumbersome equipment, a drone provides a quick, easy, and safe way to look at the condition of your roof from above. 

They allow you to see roof damage from a different perspective, which can help pinpoint issue areas that may be hard to see from the ground.

How do drone roof inspections work?

Typically, drone roof inspections are performed by a roofing company (like us) using a drone equipped with a camera flying over your roof for a few minutes. While above your house, the drone captures photos of your roof, which are then compiled into a report. The drone is usually controlled by an expert drone pilot specializing in drone inspections.

Why should you have a drone roof inspection?

There are many benefits to having drone roof inspections done. First, they allow you to get rid of all that bulky equipment you need to climb up and inspect your roof.

No more ladders, no more bulky safety harnesses!

A drone roof inspection can also be done in a shorter time.

This saves both time and money on your part.

On top of that, drone roof inspections can be conducted in poor weather conditions. You might not want to climb up a ladder and risk falling during winter, but you could fly a drone above your roof and inspect it safely. Read our recent blog post to learn how you can protect your roof during these cold Louisiana winters.

Routine drone inspections keep your roof in good health.

You’ve likely heard us say it before, but we recommend regular property evaluations and drone roof inspections to keep your roof and home in good shape. This helps you find any damage to your roofing material right away before it worsens or causes a leak.

Just like you would visit your doctor for a head-to-toe evaluation and schedule regular checkups, professional roof inspections do the same:

  • They create a baseline for your home’s health
  • They catch issues before they turn into major problems

Why is this significant?

Years later, pictures taken during regular home inspections and drone inspections will be critical to you. If you decide to sell your current house and have outgrown it, the photographs will back up any storm damage repairs or improvements you’ve made.

Having this photo evidence will also help you during your claims process.

In the event of a storm damage claim, your drone inspection photos will not only give you peace of mind but could also help save you money!

Who Should Have a Drone Roof Inspection?

Anyone who wants an accurate assessment of how their roof is doing should consider drone roof inspections. It’s not just for people selling their homes or trying to get insurance companies to pay up – drone roof inspections can be beneficial no matter why you need your roof checked out.

If you want an accurate assessment of how your roof is doing, consider having a drone roof inspection conducted by one of our professional roof inspectors.

And guess what?

We do it for free.

Contact us today to schedule your free drone roof inspection. We’ll inspect your roof from the sky and provide you with a full report of any issues that need to be taken care of.

Have you experienced leaks or roof damage?

A roof that’s leaking can cause all kinds of problems. Water damage and mold are the most common, but they can also be a danger to the structural integrity of your home.

If you’ve noticed any water stains in your ceiling or walls, or maybe even some peeling paint around the edges of your roof, then there’s a good chance that you’re having some kind of leaky roof problem.

The best way to find out what’s going on with your roof is to get an expert drone inspection from us here at Better build Construction.

We’ll send one of our experienced inspectors up in a drone equipped with high-definition cameras to quickly spot any leaks or other issues like missing shingles or damaged gutters that could be causing water damage inside your home.

Our inspections will tell you exactly where the leaks are coming from so you can fix them before they do real damage to your home!

louisiana baton rouge hail roof damage
louisiana baton rouge hail roof damage

What are some problems that a drone roof inspection might detect?

Some problems that might be detected in drone roof inspections include:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Cracks in the Roof Sheathing
  • Leaks
  • Damage Caused by Animals

If any of these issues are found, drone roof inspections can also help you determine what steps should be taken next. A drone inspection is a great way to accurately assess your roof’s health.

Contact us today to schedule your free drone roof inspection. We are one of the few roofing contractors in Baton Rouge, LA. that uses drones for our inspections.

We’ll inspect your roof from the sky and provide you with a full report of any issues that need to be taken care of.

What are the benefits of a drone roof inspection?

These drone pictures document your roof’s condition, which may be essential if you want to file an insurance claim. These photographs are the proof you’ll need when you submit a roof repair or replacement insurance claim.

How does the drone provide proof of damage?

Our drone inspects your roof in a 10-15 minute flight and produces highly accurate photographs of it. We can give you an in-depth description of what we discovered so you can see for yourself how bad your roof is.

These pictures are examined and used as data points to assess the condition of your home’s roofing. The birds’ eye view of your roof’s surface allows a complete picture to be drawn, giving a clear understanding of where all problems originate.

Our roof reporting inspection software will provide you with the proof of the damage that you’ll need to show your insurance company.

We can even help you navigate the confusing claims process.

Will my insurance company accept drone-provided proof of damage?

Insurance companies have been accepting drone-provided proof of damage for roofing claims since 2017, and drone pictures have been used as data points to assess the condition of a roof.

In fact, many insurance claims are now processed much more quickly because the drone photographs document precisely what part of the roof is damaged and can often show when the damage occurred.

If you’re not sure whether your insurance company will accept drone proof, just ask. If they do not already require drone inspections as part of their claim process, it’s likely that they will very soon.

Roofs are an essential part of your home.

A drone roof inspection is a way to assess your home’s roof from the sky. It will provide you with an accurate assessment of how well your roof is doing and can even spot any signs of leaks or damage that might need fixing before they get worse!

If you’re not sure whether your insurance company will accept drone proof, just ask them. They may be on board already – if not, it’s likely coming soon as more companies are beginning to utilize drone technology for inspections and claim handling purposes.

better built contractors 11476 Pleasant Knoll Dr Denham Springs LA 70726
better built contractors 11476 Pleasant Knoll Dr Denham Springs LA 70726

We’ve been providing drone roof inspections to real estate professionals and home inspectors/home inspection companies for years.

Contact us today at Better Built Contractors to schedule your free drone roof inspection so we can give you some peace of mind about what condition your property’s most important feature is in.

We are Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s leading roofing professional, and can help you find, assess, and fix any deficiencies found during your professional inspection.

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