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Understanding Past and Present Roofing Trends: What Data up to 2017 Tells Us About Today’s Choices

past and present roofing material trends
Uncover the connection between past roofing trends and today’s material choices. Discover how historical data influences modern roofing solutions with Better Built Contractors.

For those planning home improvements, reflecting on past trends to navigate the present market is insightful. While not current, the following infographic with U.S. roofing material trends up to 2017 still provides a backdrop to today’s homeowner decisions. Let’s explore how this historical data informs our choices in 2024, especially regarding the services offered by Better Built Contractors.

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The Historical Perspective:

First, let’s review the trends before 2017 to understand how they influence our roofing decisions today.

Deciphering a Decade of Roofing Data:

The infographic spans a decade of roofing materials in the U.S. home remodeling market, from 2006 to 2017. It shows the ebb and flow of preferences, particularly noting a decrease in three-tab asphalt shingles and an increase in architectural asphalt shingles. While the data ends in 2017, the trend towards more durable, design-oriented roofing solutions likely continued to evolve.

Reflecting on Asphalt’s Enduring Popularity:

Asphalt shingles have long been favored for their cost-effectiveness and versatility. The uptick in architectural shingles hints at a broader trend that Better Built Contractors has noted — a desire for materials that offer longevity and style, which we believe has persisted into 2024.

Material Diversity and Its Significance:

The consistent presence of materials like wood, tile, metal, and composites up to 2017 suggests a diverse market with specific niche demands. At Better Built Contractors, we understand that the qualities making these materials popular endure, reflecting homeowner desires for unique, personalized roofing solutions.

Why Historical Data Matters Now:

Although our latest reference point is 2017, the trends observed provide a foundation for understanding current consumer behavior. The durability and cost of materials, coupled with a shift towards sustainability and energy efficiency, are likely influencing homeowner choices today.

Connecting Past Trends to Today’s Decisions:

Now, let’s connect the dots between what was popular then and what’s working now to make smarter choices for our roofs.

From Data to Today’s Roofing Decisions:

Homeowners in 2024 can use these historical insights as a baseline for discussing roofing materials. At Better Built Contractors, we help you navigate these choices by considering the evolution of materials since 2017 and the latest industry innovations.

Roofing Innovations in 2024:

Today’s roofing materials aren’t just about durability or cost. Advancements since 2017, particularly in sustainable and energy-efficient options, play a significant role in decision-making. Better Built Contractors stays at the forefront of these innovations, ensuring our clients can access the best roofing solutions.

The Value of Expert Guidance:

While historical data is informative, expert advice from Better Built Contractors, which considers the latest trends and technological advancements, is invaluable. We are dedicated to guiding you through the selection process with knowledge from past practices to contemporary innovations.


Wrapping it up, let’s see what these trends mean for the future of our homes and how they guide us toward making informed roofing choices.

Looking Back to Plan Ahead:

While we may be looking at data from 2017, it sets the stage for making informed roofing decisions in 2024. Better Built Contractors understands that while the industry evolves, the importance of selecting the right materials based on past performance and future potential remains constant.

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